Sunday, September 4, 2011

Writing Contest: Rules and Legalities

Ever want to write? Ever want to be a published author? Well, here is your chance!

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Writing Contest Rules

We’re having an open contest to write a new compilation eBook, chapter by chapter. If you want to get noticed, this is a great opportunity to do so. Anyone can enter—published authors, fans, amateurs, even your pet goldfish, provided he can write. We’re posting up one chapter per month, and at the end we’re going to release the full eBook, edited, polished, and awesome. Each month’s contest winner will have their work published, along with all the other monthly winners, in a full length compilation eBook by StoneHouse and/or StoneGate Ink. Who knows where this story’s gonna end up? You may get to influence it in a big way if you win. Want the lowdown skinny? Here are the rules:

Follow our lead. Write a follow-up chapter to those that are previously posted on the blog, and try to keep it under 2k words. Submissions should be emailed to us at shwcontest at gmail dot com and sent as a Word doc or .rtf file. Submissions are due by the 20th of each month. You can enter only once per month, so make it good. Just FYI, we're looking for thriller/paranormal type stuff because it fits our brand. We're not looking for sci-fi, fantasy, erotica and all that.

The StoneHouse staff will judge the best 5 entries received each month. Our nominations will be posted on the 25th of each month so you, the blogosphere, can vote. Votes will be tallied by commenting “vote” on the chapter you like best. Get your votes in by the last day of the month, because on the 1st the cycle starts all over again with the winning chapter.

Vote, tell your friends, spread the word, link your blog, share on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and on and on. The post with the most votes wins. And even if you win this month, you can enter again next month.

There are monthly winners and there’s an overall winner. Each winner will be credited as a contributing author for their chapter in the final published eBook.

The StoneHouse package prize for monthly winners will be a surprise each month, and you have a little bit of choice in the matter. You can choose a free eBook download, or a print copy if it’s available, from any of our superawesome writers. Or maybe you just want us to plug you on Twitter all month long. Be creative. We’re open to suggestions/bribes/begging.

The overall winner will receive a professional literary agent representation package. Specifics are TBA.

The legal poop: By submitting your work to this contest you the entrant are granting worldwide rights to use and publish your work in any format now known or to be devised in the future. You also understand and agree that you will not be compensated for any and all earnings produced by your submitted work. You agree further to hold blameless and indemnify StoneHouse Ink and all its affiliates and associated ventures in the event of a dispute. Happy writing!

To read each chapter and follow along and to vote go to the StoneHouse Inklings Blog HERE

Author Aaron Patterson: Blog: The Worst Book Ever.

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