Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guest post: Death Before Breakfast

Gwyneth is a sweet person and a great writer. I remember having "The Talk" with her at the beginning of the year about marketing and online social media. She really took it to heart and went from the low 100k on amazon to the top 1000. Now this month she is set to blow out her all time high from last month! I am so happy for her and she has worked so very hard. Gratz and keep up the good work!

About Gwyneth Bledsoe

Gwyneth is the English author of Amazon bestselling eBook “Death Before Breakfast” of the British Detective Mystery genre, set in England and Paris, France. The Paperback version is also available on Amazon, as is the MP3 downloadable Audio Book. She is currently writing the sequel, “Death At The Races.” Gwyneth read avidly in her teens, especially Agatha Christie novels, so it is especially gratifying to find her book ranked #3 in bestselling British Detective novels, behind the #1 Sherlock Holmes and the #2 Agatha Christie collections. Gwyneth lived in England until her mid-twenties, until a sense of adventure and a job took her across the channel to Paris, France. She did not look back and continued on to California and now Idaho where she lives with her American husband and works for a Christian non-profit organization, helping churches help people.

Death Before Joy

It is with mixed emotions that I see my first novel, “Death Before Breakfast,” advancing rapidly up the Amazon rankings since mid-June, a significant time for me when our close-knit family sat by my mother-in-law’s bedside holding hands as she passed from this life to the next. I wished she could have seen the success of my book, but her passing has given me great pause to think more deeply about the implications of dying, an inevitable event that I write so readily about in my murder mysteries. Within days of her military graveside service, I was seeing the word “JOY” everywhere I went, and have come to the firm belief that she is experiencing eternal joy and that death was just a doorway into a greater experience of life. One day I would like to explore this concept in a novel, where perhaps death is just the beginning – a transition from one country to another where a different language is spoken, and amazing vistas await us, like the Tetons or The Grand Canyon, in contrast to the dirty tenement buildings of south London where I once lived as a student. You are invited to follow Chief Inspector Jack Lawrence and Sergeant Rodney Wilson as they weave their way from London to York to Paris in their search for a murderer, the identity of the victim and the writer of an anonymous letter. I write to develop characters, to introduce my audience to the English culture and to encourage other unknown writers to find a publisher and penetrate the e-reader market.

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